Backlog Game Complete! - Machinarium

A mostly relaxing little puzzle game about a robut saving his girlfriend (who is also a robut) from some other robuts, in a town run by robuts. Unfortunately I’ve been watching plenty of Futurama on Netflix recently and all I hear is Zoidberg...

Well it’s happened, the first game in my quest to complete 80% of the games I own is now finished. I feel kind of like I cheated a little, starting with a game I finished in two afternoons while my children were napping. But hey it counts I guess.


Basically a point and click puzzle, find the pieces, pull the switches in the correct order kind of game, but with robots, so that makes it even better. I found it to be a nice break from mercilessly, violently rage beating people in Mad Max. It starts off pretty basic, most puzzle answers i found almost instantly until later in the game when I reached this:

This friggin’ connect 4 wannabe game took me soooo friggin’ long to figure out. It was one of those try, try, try, get frustrated, quit, try again the next day repeatedly puzzles for me. Basically the idea is to get 5 nuts in row before your opponent gets 5 screws. Seriously, this puzzle was WAY harder than anything else the game has to offer. Everything after this point was a cakewalk.

The highlight for me (besides finally beating that damn board game), was probably the slide puzzle mini game. If they turned it into a mobile game I would never be bored while I was waiting for my wife to finish trying on clothes ever again (you took in two pairs of pants! What were you doing in there for 20 minutes!?).


Slide all the green balls into the green area? I can do that for hours, I was honestly disappointed when there were so few of these puzzles to do.


I would say that I’m off to a good start with this backlog. Machinarium was a solid start, well worth whatever I paid for it like two years ago I’m sure. Check back in a couple days, my four year old and I are almost through Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and surely I am nearing the end of LISA... there is nothing left for that damn game to take from me...

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