Hi My Name Is Randall and I Have a Problem.

I didn’t originally think there was anything wrong with me. It all started as a hobby, something to pass the time, ease the stresses of the day. It wasn’t until I ran the numbers that I realized just how bad my problem had become.


You see, in my twenty some odd years of gaming lifetime I have amassed what my wife would call an excessive collection. After doing a speed count I have found that I have come into possession of at least 344 video games (I only counted from ps1 onwards, I wasn’t going to take the time to go digging through my garage for anything earlier than that). Man I hope my wife never reads this...

But, the problem that I have I feel is not with the size of said video collection. The problem I feel is with the completion rate. Out of these 344 games only 142 have actually been completed, some of these games may have only been played for an evening before being shelved indefinitely. That works out to only being 41%... I haven’t seen a score that low since my high school social studies class (I’ve always been more of a math/science guy myself).


I find that a game really needs to offer me something special to give me the drive to play it through to completion. Many of the games I have completed are ones that I will commonly go back to and play again. I have completed Crono cross more rimes than I can count on my fingers, and the Mass effect series gets an almost yearly playthrough. Typically when I subconsciously decide I no longer want to play something, I have been away from it for a few days. I go away on a work trip, or head off to the lake for the weekend, get back throw the game in, and I’m just not interested.

Now I’m not saying that the games I haven’t finished are bad, usually they are quite good. I don’t think I really own any games I would call bad. Typically if I have find I have purchased something I find to be lackluster I’ll just quickly resell it to somebody who may enjoy it more than I may have for near retail shortly after release day. What I’m saying is I need some drive, some incentive to actually get to the end. I need something to keep me excited about battling those demons and closing those rifts. I just gotta push through those last few story missions in Arkham City. But I sure as hell don’t need a reason to go back to Bloodborne, stupid Martyr Logarius can go eat a big old bag of di... you know what I’m getting off topic.


Hopefully that is where Tay comes in. Maybe if I write about my weekly experiences with my backlog of games, just maybe it will help me make a dent. I’ll be honest with myself, I probably am not going to finish everything. Let’s aim for the honor roll, that’s 80% (here in Canada, not sure what it is for all you States dwellers). That’s 275 completed games total, subtract the 142 already finished and I have a modest !## holy damn if I could capitalize numbers I would... 133 games left to complete. No more adding to the backlog until I hit 80%, except Fallout 4 of course...

Thanks for reading! Here’s hoping you can help. Check back later for a list of games for me to go through, and hopefully you can help me pick some out!

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