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Hey TAYers! Long time no talk too! Yes I know not everyone is gonna be seeing this post, probably only whoever is lucky enough to get my name really. Well that person and all you Christmas creeper weirdos...


Sorry I haven’t been in contact with all you wonderful people, but well, life gets in the way. Let’s just say I’m ready to put this year behind me, and what better way to improve 2016 than by exchanging gifts with internet strangers from across North America ( I really mean that, I’ve been looking forward to this event since opening day last year)!

So onwards to a little about me, I’ll try to make this easy and give you a plethora of ideas of awesome things you could get/make/cook/whatever you wanna do....


Favorite Games (I play on PS4 only these days):

  • Mass Effect - Up there for my favorite video game series of all time, and I’m super hyped for Andromeda. Anything Mass Effect related would be awesome (except for the games). If somebody got into the Co-op Beta for Andromeda and gave me their code, my head may explode...
  • Final Fantasy - The series is mostly great. Anything from FF 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, after that point they start to lose me. I own all the games, but anything related would be cool.
  • Bioshock - 1 is so good, 3 is also pretty excellent, let’s not talk about 2... original Big Daddy is one of my favorite video game characters. I own all the games on ps3, but hey never know with all your crazy American sales, you may be able to pick up the remastered series for cheap. A hand made Big Daddy mini-stuffy made by D-10 would be sooooo cool, but then my 2 year old would probably steal it and I would never get it back.
  • Fallout - Oh fallout... how many hours have we spent together... I don’t remember, do you?... What’s that? No surely it can’t be that many... Well if you say so... Fallout says we’ve probably spent over 1000 hours together, and well who am I to argue with it right? If I started arguing with a video game people might start calling me crazy... So ya anything fallout related would be cool...

Other Stuff (A Quick List):

  • Mad Max
  • Alien
  • Gravity Falls
  • Adventure Time
  • South Park
  • Archer
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Any of the Blizzard games
  • Borderlands
  • Ghost in the Shell (I don’t own it, I’m watching a borrowed copy for the first time as I am typing this and its awesome)
  • Lego
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Mega Man
  • Comic Books
  • Anime (I’m just breaking the ice on this, I have Akira, and Dragon Ball original, the first season of Z, the first 2 seasons of GT, and battle of the gods. So broaden my horizons if you want)
  • Gift Cards for the PS Store would work also

Really any video game or pop culturey related paraphernalia would be welcome. My desk is loaded with random stuff from Ryu’s headband from Street Fighter to a Xenomorph action figure from Aliens. I love giving, and receiving handmade gifts (whoever I get is probably gonna be getting a Taurenrider original something...). No food allergies here either, if you want to go the food route.


So basically long post summarized, I will be happy with literally anything, and I look forward to sharing opening day with all my lovely TAY friends.

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